Behind the Scenes

South United is a multi-faceted company invested in developing sports in India. The management at South United is committed to encouraging local talent and providing a pathway to young Indian footballers to help them achieve the best they can. South United is part of a larger vision, working hand in hand with Football, Events, Infrastructure, Education, and Foundation activities to create a sustainable sporting ecosystem, where synergies between each idea breed a model of Sport that can thrive in this country.

Sharan Parikh, a reputable Mumbai-based businessman, is the Owner and Director of South United and Pyramid Sports and the Chief Functionary of South United Sports Foundation. A part of the distinguished Parikh family, he worked his way up the family business to become the Chief Executive Officer of the Lemuir Group’s valuable cargo arm – Lemuir Express. He has studied in prestigious institutions across the world and has honed his entrepreneurial skills to take on various exciting initiatives in the Sports Industry.

Through his companies, he has directly been involved with vital stakeholders of Sport in the country to deal with Infrastructure, Sports Events, and Talent/Coach Development. In addition to directly being involved with Indian Sports on multiple levels, his investment portfolio includes savvy business interests in start-ups and upcoming companies in the Sports Industry. As an avid sports player himself, he is a strong proponent of investment in Sport in the country and has dedicated considerable time and effort to the evolution of the South United Ecosystem.

Another key player devoted to the growth of the company is the CEO, Mr. Pranav Trehan. A self-made, successful entrepreneur with a realistic and practical approach towards professional life, Pranav Trehan brings a lot to the table and is instrumental in adding value to the company. As a sportsman, he strongly believes that sports can help build an individual’s leadership qualities and enhance one’s personal skills.

Being well-travelled and self-educated in the nuances of the real world, he learned how to build relationships and network through global exposure and professional experience in the U.S.A. and U.K., right from the age of 19. Pranav is very passionate about taking on new challenges and has built a business successfully both in India and globally. He has two mantras for success from his years of business understanding and experience: “The art of selling is not to sell a product or an idea but to build a trustworthy relationship” and “One must have a disciplined routine in life.”

Through South United, Mr. Sharan Parikh and Mr. Pranav Trehan have both been determined to contribute to the Footballing Movement in the country and be a part of the Sport at multiple levels, right from the grassroots to the professional level. The idea behind the South United Ecosystem is to generate a free-flowing system that has a constant supply of talent, guidance, and employment, heralding a new generation of sports in India.

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