Things to Expect from Football Training in Bangalore

South United, which promotes football right from the grassroots level, has set up its own football academy in Ulsoor, Bangalore. The South United Football Club Academy is open to girls and boys from the age of 5 years onwards and welcomes any player who wants to excel in the sport.

Depending on a child’s age group and skills, they will be made to go through the different phases of the Academy – The Pre-Development Phase, The Foundation Phase, The Youth Development Phase, and the Professional Development Phase. Coaches regularly monitor the players through each of the phases and guide them to achieve the most out of every session. Coaches also observe each player’s psychological progress and educate them on the 5Cs – commitment, concentration, control, communication, and confidence.

As a student progresses through the phases, the sessions, too, become more rigorous. Players are taught how to analyse their performance and find their own mistakes. Good play is always recognized, but the development of individuals and the team is always put ahead of the result of the game.

Once players reach the Professional Development Phase, the focus is on preparing them to be a part of the main South United Team. Players can expect the toughest levels of coaching during this phase. Players are given targets to achieve and are evaluated monthly and quarterly on the same. Evaluation Reports are shared with each child, and coaches regularly sit with each student to explain their progress. Parents are also involved in this process to allow them to be a part of their child’s development.

People who send their children to South United have also praised it as the best for football training in Bangalore. Parent, Sheriyar Unwalla, who is extremely pleased with the sports football academy, stated, “Both my kids have been coming to South United, they have been having a ball of a time, and they are really enjoying themselves here. The facility is incredible. I do not think there is any other facility like this anywhere in Bangalore for sure. I have not come across such a phenomenal coaching class anywhere else, even for myself as a kid. I would very highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in sending their kids.

With proper safety guidelines and SOPs in place and a curriculum tailored to suit each child’s growth, the South United Football Academy is definitely the perfect sports football academy to register with!

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