How to Prepare Kids Before Enrolling them in the best Football Training Academy in Bangalore

If you have a child who is interested in becoming a professional football player, there are certain aspects you need to evaluate and consider. A professional footballer’s journey differs significantly around the world, and hence only looking at what is done abroad or in another country is not always a viable option. One can certainly take inspiration from successful players around the world, but that should not be the only approach one follows.

As a parent, the first step is to educate yourself about the sport and the requirements for a player to be successful at it. Some questions to ask include ‘What kind of programme am I looking for, which academy has the best football coaching near me, and what should my child be looking to achieve from the training?’. You can do this research online or even speak to football academies and their coaches to understand more about how you can help your child make the right decisions.

Registering your child in a local programme or summer camp will also help them gauge the extent of their passion for the sport. Becoming a qualified or pro football player requires constant dedication and hard work, which a student needs to be prepared for right from the beginning. If a player is not made aware of the commitment required, they may get easily demotivated after joining. While discussing your child’s sporting future with them, it is also necessary to remind them that their regular education should not take a backseat. It is easy for a child to lose focus on their studies while trying to concentrate on their game.

Additionally, while a certain academy or programme may seem well-suited for your child, you should also gradually guide your child to realize what is best for them. Though a programme may seem perfect at the outset if it does not cater to your child’s personality and stage of development appropriately, they will only end up disappointed. Teaching them to recognize their own progress and potential will help them ask the right questions and move in the right direction. They need to understand that what may work for their friends may not always be the best option for them.

To help both parents and kids discover a student’s true potential, South United has set up its own Academy in Ulsoor, Bangalore. The South United Football Club Academy is not only the best football training academy in Bangalore but is also part of the ecosystem of South United Football Club, which has played in tournaments and leagues like the I-League 2nd Division, the BDFA Super Division, and the Puttaiah Memorial Cup, amongst others.

So, if you are a parent looking for an academy that provides a clear pathway for your child right from day one, is committed to helping them succeed every step of the way, and still emphasizes the importance of their education, then the South United Football Club Academy is the place to be!

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