Helping Players to Understand the Beautiful Game

A football academy is a place where talent is identified and nurtured to its fullest potential irrespective of the age group. The programmes are aimed at making the game easy and understandable for players, and one of the most important principles in coaching is to help students get a good perception of ‘Why they are doing what they are doing’. One of the greatest midfielders to ever have graced the game, Andrea Pirlo, said, “Football is played with the head, your feet are just the tools.”

To achieve the above, one has to break down the game and one’s coaching methodologies. As a qualified sports football academy, South United’s sessions are always built upon the four-corner model, which is Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological/Social, and this helps us take a streamlined approach towards educating our players.

Technique is the consequence of a decision that is made in the brain, and when players pass the ball, they are not just lending the ball to their teammates without any thought process. They will have to decide the weight, the timing, and the execution of the pass to be more effective with it, i.e. if my teammate is positioned in front of a defender, can I play the ball to his front foot now, and will it allow him to secure possession of the ball? When am I passing the ball? Where am I passing the ball? Why am I passing the ball?

Hence, every question they ask themselves before executing a football action is an integral part of developing their game intelligence. To be the best coaching school for football, coaches must believe in this process and be able to create an environment where they can check and challenge the thinking of their players, rather than giving them all the answers, which could impede their abilities to make decisions on their own.

This leads us to our next coaching principle – Creating a problem-solving environment in our training sessions. It also brings up the questions of ‘Why do we need to create such training sessions?’ and ‘How will it impact the performance of our players?’ Football is a game where one has to deal with a lot of uncomfortable circumstances, and the coach has very little influence on the players from the sidelines during a game. This is where the players need to be innovative and instinctive to come up with different solutions under pressure. These behaviors can only manifest in games if they can be facilitated on the training pitch.

South United’s coaches work with each student to help them develop their skills as a player, also making it the best coaching school for football for kids. Register for a trial class with the best sports football academy in the city by calling 8296170556 now!

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