Get to Know the Staff of a Football Team

Every football team comprises of different people who contribute to the success of the team. The people who are largely recognized and known are the players and the coaches.

Besides the coach the students train with on a regular basis, there are other coaches who make up a large part of the team. To manage, guide, and support the team, the coaching staff is made up of the Technical Director, the Head of Youth Development, the Head of Soccer Schools, and multiple age or position-specific coaches. To provide top-quality football training in Bangalore, South United hires only licensed and specialised coaches for every role.

There are many other members who also work daily to ensure that there are no roadblocks to the team’s progress. Every team has a physiotherapist and a doctor to provide medical care for all players. These two members also play a vital role at every match that a team participates in and attend to any match-related occurrences.

Football teams also hire a nutritionist to evaluate a player’s diet and create player-specific nutrition plans. Strength and Conditioning coaches also play a vital role in injury prevention and developing a player’s fitness, especially since physical fitness is one of the most crucial aspects of being a professional football player or joining a qualified academy or football school in Bangalore.

In the Indian footballing landscape, every club has a Club President. They overview the management and running of the entire team and provide leadership and support to its members. Along with them, a football team also must have excellent management and operational support. This includes the CEO, General Secretary, Team Manager, Finance Team, Legal Team, HR Team, and additional support staff. These members are responsible for everything from the players’ contracts to the representation of players and player rights to the registration of players for Matches and Leagues. Pre-match and match day operations are also taken care of by the administrative and operations staff. Teams also hire Media Officers, whose responsibility is to manage all media and PR-related aspects of the club.

Scouting new players, looking for new tournaments and events, and acquiring sponsorship for the team is also essential, and there are specific persons allotted to accomplish each of these activities. Scouts, agents, or consultants visit other teams or football schools in Bangalore and across the country to find the right talent for the team. To overlook the club’s academy staff and players, teams also hire Academy Managers.

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