Choosing a Career in Sports

Choosing a field of study and eventually, a career in India is one of the bigger dilemmas students face once they are ready to get into college. For many students, even now, convincing their parents to allow them to take up a profession in sports can be an extremely challenging discussion and decision.

However, the silver lining in this situation, is that sports in India are organizing themselves, where many opportunities to achieve professional excellence exist. Previously the IPL, with its big brand name, sponsors, and celebrity ownership, was a standalone sub-market within the industry itself. Now, football, boxing, badminton, and kabaddi are each trying to emulate what cricket had done successfully while also learning from its experiences during the nascent years to ensure long-term stability and growth within their own sport and in the industry.

In 2017, India hosted the U-17 World Cup for the first time in its history and even broke the attendance record of all other U-17 World Cups. India will also be hosting the U-17 Women’s World Cup in 2021. These events have helped create several career opportunities for those interested in Sport. Colleges are introducing more sports-related courses and seminars as well.

Much investment is being made within the franchise format of sports, such as the IPL, ISL, and so on, which has given rise to many niches within Sport. With the need for better facilities, Sports Infrastructure is one such niche that many sports enthusiasts are entering. Other fields like Sports Data Analysis, Sports Psychology, Sports Medicine, and Player Management, are all gaining more popularity, with the growth of Sport. Sports Media, Sports Law, Sports Tourism, and Sports Retail are other sectors on the rise.

Given its ability to supplement an individual’s journey into the field, Sports Education, still in its early years, shows great potential for growth in the upcoming years. While some could consider coaching in a particular sport as a career, others may opt for the role of an Educational Instructor. This, too, can be extended to all the different roles in sport.

Additionally, the Industry also relies on traditional profiles such as Marketing, HR, Operations, Finance, IT, and many more. Candidates from all streams are likely to find a place amongst the various profiles available.

Gaining practical experience is also extremely important in the Sports Industry. Hence, volunteering at sports events as well as interning at various types of companies will help a candidate make an informed decision while simultaneously allowing them to network with the right individuals. Choosing a sport that one is passionate about always helps make the decision easier and is also a motivating factor while at the job.

Many aspiring students have availed of formal Counselling Sessions and Educational Courses conducted by South United and Pyramid Sports, and some have even taken inspiration from the work done by the companies.

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