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Precautions Coaches and Players Should Take Once Sport Resumes in our Country

Creating a safe environment for both the staff and players is the number one priority at South United. Therefore, even before training activities are resumed, it is paramount to be… Read more »

Off The Field, But Still Online!

Ever since COVID-19 started, everyone, including the staff at South United, has been waiting in anticipation as to when regular football would start. The psychological stress of being isolated and… Read more »

The South United Way

South United has continually been devoted to setting up successful pathways for sports professionals through its sustainable sporting ecosystem. As a part of this endeavour, South United is building a… Read more »

South United’s Sustainable Sporting Ecosystem

South United is a multi-faceted company invested in developing sports in India. The management at South United has made it their mission to create a platform that brings quality training… Read more »