At Home with Football!

The idea of the South United Football Academy is a simple one – it will be a place for all kinds of players to find happiness and knowledge through the game. It will be a learning environment for players, coaches, and parents to spend time in one another’s company. The South United Football Academy will be based upon and dedicated to the ideas and dreams of the players who walk through the Academy and will act as a source of courage and inspiration to other football enthusiasts all over the country.

The main purpose of the Academy is to identify, develop, and retain talented young footballers to progress through the development phases of the Academy programme into the SUFC First Team squad. The aim is to develop each individual by giving them access to a variety of programmes within the Academy set up.

The Academy boasts of state-of-the-art and international level infrastructure, which includes an 11-a-side turf, a 5-a-side turf as well as a cafeteria. As a centre of excellence, it will also provide students with access to an AV Room, a Steam Treatment Room, and a Gym. The Academy also has the capacity to host events with seating space for up to 1200 people and has already seen some well-known events take place.

Keeping in line with its infrastructure, South United also has the best Coaching Systems in place to provide each student with quality training. South United will deliver a robust and reliable development program for its players at each phase – The Foundation Phase, the Youth Development Phase, and the Professional Development Phase. Following the required protocols, relevant data will be collected to be used in the assessment, monitoring, and tracking of players for their individual performance. This helps place a player at the centre of the learning process and guides players through their footballing journey. The Academy staff simultaneously build healthy working relationships with all players and ensure regular communication between them.

South United is dedicated to promoting local talent and helping young footballers achieve the best they can. The idea is to not only create good football players but also mould good human beings. Through its wide network, available resources, and pre-determined strategies, South United looks to help players develop a clear understanding of the long-term Player Development Pathway available for each of them and guide them in the right direction.

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