A Platform for the Youth of Tomorrow

In order to train to the best of his/her potential, every footballer needs an inspirational atmosphere. This can be achieved with pragmatic coaching, adequate infrastructure, and a relevant curriculum to follow. Factors like nutrition, mental conditioning, and the like, also add value to how rewarding a training regime is.

Grooming in values such as discipline, work ethic, punctuality, communication, and competitiveness helps churn out quality players. South United is constantly evolving the football curriculum to give individual attention to each player’s potential. Keeping up to date with international best practices is vital to maintaining a quality standard of training.

The primary issue for an aspiring footballer is the limited exposure and access to appropriate infrastructure, quality training, and role models. Such challenges prevent a player from fulfilling their potential which would have enabled them to have a more sustainable career.

The need for creating more synergies within the existing structure has resulted in the different verticals under various niches in sport, such as infrastructure and education. Through these verticals, South United focuses on implementing a sustainable business model to function under.

South United is working hard to implement a scalable, replicable model of functioning in the Indian football industry through its Academy. South United aims to become India’s first self-sustainable Football Club while simultaneously meeting all the regulations and criteria as prescribed by the AIFF. Enlisting the support of the community is vital to this process and it aims to enable both on and off the pitch growth and development of everyone associated with the company. This would further enhance a culture of fostering a successful sporting ecosystem for everyone to thrive in. The ultimate goal is to be a part of the process of developing talented players by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities and serving as a foundation for generations yet to come.

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