South United Football Club is Bengaluru’s First privately owned professional Football Club. The Club currently plays in the Bengaluru Super Division, Karnataka’s most prestigious League, and have even played in the I-League Division 2.

Boasting an average age of 20.3, the team is primarily comprised of local talent, who have through the club been given the opportunity to play professional football at their highest potential. Many of SUFC’s players have represented State and Country, with some of them going on to play in the I-League and ISL as well!

Through their business models, SUFC intends to create a Sustainable Sporting Ecosystem. This will help create a professional pathway, where all players can train with quality facilities and expertise to play to the best of their potential!

The Club is heavily invested in Grassroots Development across the country, with nearly 4000 children having been trained through the South United Sports Schools.

Training begins with children as young as 3 years old. The School has professional coaches with years of experience, as well as coaches that have grown from within the ranks as well!

The aim of broadening the Professional Pathway into football, dictates specialised training for footballers at every step of their journey. Keeping that in mind, the School’s curriculum has been devised by AFC B Licensed Coaches and FA Tutors, with inputs from former Indian and International Footballers.

The South United Sports Foundation is a Charitable Trust formed with the purpose to help socially rehabilitate children through Sport.

Our community programme is designed to reach out to children from under privileged backgrounds by engaging them in sports. Through this, we strive to create talented players and provide employment opportunities for them. Some of our Programme successes have not only been integrated within our ranks, but have gone on to coach on even bigger fronts!

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