Founded in 2012, we are Bengaluru’s first privately owned professional football club. We’ve played in the BDFA Super Division since our inception, also having earned our stripes in the Gadhinglaj United Cup, Puttaiah Memorial Cup, and the I-League Second Division.

The club naturally attracted the attention of those who consisted of the footballing hotspots of the city and they made up a large part of the team in the early days of the club.

We have always been a young team, who have afforded young players the opportunities to shine. This has meant a great effort at grassroots level to identify and hone talent. The club has dedicated itself to this journey and carving the pathways for youth to climb the ladder into professional sports.

True to our vision, we want to reach as many people as we can through sport and provide them with a realistic pathway to make a career for themselves in sport. One of the channels for us to be able to do this is to partner with schools and deliver our programmes directly to the children there. This system allows us to increase the scope of exposure for our quality football training programmes while making it easily accessible to kids and parents.

We run in school programmes that engage children with the game of football and is meant as a leisure training programme with aspects that allow for identification and development of talent through more serious programmes, such as our after-school offerings and progression to the Academy.

We’re dreamers when it comes to envisioning a future where football is accessible for any person regardless of what background they come from, and we’ve taken concrete steps to fulfil this vision. We run several community programs that enable children from underprivileged backgrounds to be introduced to and develop their game.

We approach this as a means for them to empower themselves, not only through education in the traditional sense but also building a future for themselves through involvement in sport.

We also organise and participate in fundraising events with specific projects associated with each initiative to build and execute our community programmes.