Bengaluru’s First Privately owned Professional Football Club, South United Football Club was formed in 2012, with the intent to change how football is developed in the country. Creating a sustainable platform for excellence, SUFC provides an opportunity for professional players and coaches to train and play to their highest potential. The club has a strong tie with its Bengaluru roots, having many of its players coming from the area of Austin Town and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Many of its stakeholders are also based in Mumbai.

SUFC logo

In 2015, SUFC was taken over by its current owner, Mr. Sharan Parikh, a Mumbai-based businessman. Under his ownership, the revamp of SUFC’s Branding began, with the introduction of a new logo: The Orange and Black colours replacing the Red and Golden. However, the club works tirelessly with grassroots football across the country, with the intent to continue the good work it was created for!

The club plays in the Bengaluru Super Division and has also participated in the I-League Division 2. A young force with a consistently young All-Indian Squad, SUFC qualified for the I-League Division 2 in its first year! Since then, the team has been a prominent presence in the Bengaluru Super Division, with many talented players growing within its ranks.



South United Football Club is part of the South United Sports Ecosystem. The ecosystem’s goal is to generate a free-flowing system that has a constant supply of talent (players), guidance (coaches), and employment (management) working towards development of sport in India, and soon around the world. This Ecosystem has four sister concerns; each of which play a vital part to the Sustainability of the Ecosystem: